Home ValueAre you looking to sell your home, or are you just curious about your current home value estimate?

Setting the list price of your home is the most important step in your sale.  Set too low, you lose money, but set too high and your home will not sell! Fill out this simple form and one of our agents will use current market data of recently sold properties and active for sale homes near your property to estimate the home value. We can prepare a more precise and thorough evaluation by briefly visiting your home, however this can be a good starting point for most customers.

In many of today’s strong real estate markets, home sellers can expect to receive multiple offers for their home. Multiple offers are a classic example of economic realities because they appear when the supply of homes for sale is limited and the demand for good-condition homes is strong. Sellers love multiple offers because they push up home prices and create an opportunity to spark a bidding war. Knowing how to respond to multiple offers can help you get the best price and terms for the sale of your home.

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