Almost ready to buy a home? What should you do next?

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Buying a home in Murfreesboro could be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. It can also be the biggest investment to help build for your future. It’s important to do your research and get some of these next steps in progress to make your home buying process go smoothly.

One of the first steps you can take is to get a copy of your credit report and your current scores. These days there are many ways to get your credit scores and report online for minimal fees.
Once you receive that information take a good look at it and ensure there are no possible problems that may need to be corrected before you start shopping for your Murfreesboro home. What you need to do next is seek out a lender you feel comfortable with and fill out a home loan application. With this application the lender will also check out your credit scores and report to insure lending requirements are fulfilled. What if you don’t qualify? The lender in most cases can offer advise on increasing credit score and which debt may need to be paid prior to any pre approval.
You’ve been approved! Great.
As you look for a home you may want to use a buyer’s agent for representation. Buyer’s agents are trained in negotiation, ethics, and to have knowledge of their market. Please be aware when you are calling the agent or phone number on the sign you are reaching out to the agent who has the sellers best interest in mind. Their primary goal is to get the seller the highest sales price for their home. So do some research and find a buyer’s agent you feel comfortable with and will work for you to have your best interests in mind during negotiations. Buyer’s agents in most cases are paid directly from the seller for their commissions so you’re not stuck with paying a commission fee directly.
A buyer’s agent will be able to immediately get you looking at homes online and in person once you’ve taken these steps. They will also spend the time to help educate you through all the steps of the buying process.
You’re on your way! Good Luck!



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