Single Family Home For Sale
300 Twin Cove Dr
Lebanon, TN 37087
Twin Cove 1 Subdivision

Twin Cove Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Lebanon, TN

Twin Cove subdivision is located in the city of Lebanon, TN and approximately 27 miles east of Downtown Nashville, TN.

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Lebanon, TN Real Estate Agents

Want to learn more about Lebanon, TN.? Michael Shrader is a real estate agent who specializes in helping buyers and sellers in this city. I’ll help you understand the importance of having an expert and a trusted adviser in your corner regarding neighborhoods and subdivisions like Twin Cove. Picking a good agent is essential to maximizing the power of your investment and whether you’re buying a Lebanon home or selling your property, Michael Shrader is an agent who knows the area well and will put his expertise to work for you in your Lebanon, TN. real estate transaction.